About us

Meet our OpenClover team.

Marek Parfianowicz (project lead)

I'm a senior software developer with over a twelve years of professional experience. My journey with code quality-related tools is quite long and started already at a technical university, where in 2004 for my master thesis I created an application for automated source code transformations improving code reliability. After my studies I've been working for over seven years at Lufthansa Systems as a developer where I was also responsible for defining and monitoring department-wide coding standards, code metrics and test coverage criteria.

In 2012 I started my adventure with Atlassian® as a developer and support engineer of Atlassian Clover®. It quickly turned into a lead developer role. I dare to say that several recent major releases of Clover (such as version 3.2 with Java 8 language support, version 3.3 with parameterised JUnit4 and Spock tests or version 4.0 with overhauled HTML report) and dozen or so bug-fix releases came out of my hands.

I had also an opportunity to develop Bamboo, Fisheye and Crucible for few years. Since 2018 I'm a team leader of the Fisheye / Crucible development team.

Grzegorz Lewandowski