OpenClover 4.2

OpenClover 4.2 is based on source code of Atlassian Clover® 4.1 and has all its features, so please read the general documentation of Clover 4.1. Differences are described in the OpenClover 4.2 Release Notes. See also Maven site documentation.

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Clover Knowledge Base

A set of articles describing common problems and how to solve them.

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Atlassian Answers

The Stackoverflow-like Q&A forum where you can find several hundred questions about Clover there.

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Clover 4.1

It brought support for IntelliJ IDEA 15, Eclipse Mars.1 and introduced new name of Clover Maven Plugin.

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Clover 4.0

It brought completely redesigned HTML report, following the Atlassian Design Guidelines. It has also renamed Clover Core JAR, new database format and no longer supports JKD5.

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Clover 3.3

It added support for the Spock framework and JUnit4's parameterized tests.

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Clover 3.2

It added support for Java 1.8 language constructs, including instrumentation of lambda expressions and virtual extension methods (the "default" methods) in interfaces.

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Issue Tracker

The JIRA issue tracker for Atlassian Clover®. It's a good source to check if a bug you encounter is not reported already and whether there's any workaround available.

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