Clover-for-Maven Quick Start Guide

To get started with Clover-for-Maven, carry out the following steps.

Add org.openclover in .m2/settings.xml

Before you get started, add this to your .m2/settings.xml file so you can reference Clover by its short name clover.


Run Clover goals from a command line

The quickest and easiest way to try Clover is from the command line:

mvn clean clover:setup test clover:aggregate clover:clover


  • clean - to ensure that all sources will be recompiled (Clover uses source-code instrumentation)
  • clover:setup - to initialize Clover and instrument sources
  • test - to compile code, run tests and record code coverage
  • clover:aggregate - to merge coverage data from a multi-module project
  • clover:clover - to generate HTML report for a project

You can find a report in target/site/clover directory.

Further reading

For more instructions, see the Clover-for-Maven User's Guide.

For documentation presented in the standard Maven format, see the Maven Site Docs.