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Are you new to code coverage? Learn few bits of theory and how OpenClover differs from other tools.

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User manual

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Useful information no matter which integration do you use.


Build systems
Clover for Maven Clover for Ant
Gradle Clover Plugin SBT Clover Plugin
Command Line Tools Clover AspectJ Compiler
Continuous integration servers
Jenkins Clover Plugin Bamboo Clover Plugin
Hudson Clover Plugin Anthill Pro Clover integration
Integrated Development Environments
Clover for IDEA Clover for Eclipse
Application frameworks
Grails Clover Plugin Griffon Clover Plugin
Other integrations
Coverage Gadget for JIRA Sonar Clover Plugin


Developer documentation

See the development hub and hacking OpenClover.

Release Notes

See what's new.

OpenClover 4.4 Release Notes

Atlassian Community

The Stackoverflow-like Q&A forum where you can find several hundred questions about Clover and OpenClover.

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Issue Tracker

It's a good source to check if a bug you encounter is not reported already and whether there's any workaround available.

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