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In April 2017 Atlassian® decided to publish sources of Clover - the most sophisticated code coverage tool for Java and Groovy. Clover has been commercially developed for nearly fifteen years (first by Cenqua, next by Atlassian), so literally thousands of man hours were spent on making it so rich in features. Clover's source base is about 10 times larger than second best coverage tool - JaCoCo. I must admit that I had a pleasure to be one of its developers for five years. Thus, as you can notice, making Clover completely free and open source is an amazing gift from Atlassian to the open source community. Great kudos for Atlassian!

Clover is not only rich in features, but also unique compared to other code coverage tools (such as JaCoCo or Cobertura), because it's based on the source code instrumentation (and not the bytecode instrumentation). While this approach has some limitations (you need to recompile the code, for instance) it gives huge benefits, for instance:

  • as Clover "knows" the code structure it can measure 20+ code metrics
  • it can recognize language- or framework-specific code constructs
  • it is more "transparent" to other bytecode manipulating tools

I've been working on Clover since 2012 and I dare to say that several recent major releases of Clover (such as version 3.2 with Java 8, version 3.3 with parameterised JUnit4 and Spock tests or version 4.0 with overhauled HTML report) came out of my hands. I had the opportunity to do everything - from technical support to being developer lead and planning a road map. I know the product inside out and I really love it - from both end-user and a programmer perspective (the code is really solid piece of work). So at the moment I heard about the idea of open-sourcing it, I immediately knew that I want to participate in this "new life" of Clover.

So here we are: a new home page you're reading right now is set up, all sources are available for download from Bitbucket, I am working on a binary release of OpenClover 4.2, which should be ready quite soon. I am eager to share my expertize and to coordinate the entire open source project.

You may ask: What can I do?

My answer is: Just start using it! I am certain that you'll love it! Spread the word, ask questions, provide answers on Q&A forums like Atlassian Answers or Stackoverflow. Migrate your builds from Clover 4.1 (or older) to OpenClover 4.2 as soon as it becomes available.

The bigger user base, the bigger active Clover community, the bigger chance to find new volunteers to contribute to Clover. And last but not least the bigger motivation for me :-) to drive the whole project.

Or maybe you would like to contribute? If yes, then jump to the Clover Development Hub for build instructions, clone the repository and grab some bug or feature request for implementation.

I am looking forward to hear from you. You can catch me via email marek.parfianowicz@gmail.com.

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