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Marek Parfianowicz (project lead)

I'm a senior software developer with nearly twenty years of professional experience. My journey with code quality-related tools is quite long and started already at a technical university, where in 2004 for my master thesis I created an application for automated source code transformations improving code reliability. After my studies I've been working for over seven years at Lufthansa Systems as a developer where I was also responsible for defining and monitoring department-wide coding standards, code metrics and test coverage criteria.

In 2012 I started my adventure with Atlassian® as a developer and support engineer of Atlassian Clover®. It quickly turned into a lead developer role. I dare to say that several recent major releases of Clover (such as version 3.2 with Java 8 language support, version 3.3 with parameterised JUnit4 and Spock tests or version 4.0 with overhauled HTML report) and dozen or so bug-fix releases came out of my hands.

I had also an opportunity to develop Bamboo, Fisheye and Crucible for few years. Since 2018 I'm a team leader of the Fisheye / Crucible development team.


We would to thank everyone who contributed to Clover and OpenClover open-source projects:

asgeirn, Bartosz Szulc, Bob Foster, Brendan Humphreys, Brian Wightman, btosabre, burt@system76, Daniel Hammer, David Bartle, David Cheney, elefevre, Grzegorz Lewandowski, Jacek Jaroczynski, James Dumay, James Spagnola, Jesse Glick, Joseph Walton, Julio Ripoll, Karl Heinz Marbaise, kohsuke, Manuel Recena, Marek Parfianowicz, Michael Knight, Michael Studman, Min'an Tan, mindless, Nick Pellow, Nicolas De Loof, niick, OHTAKE Tomohiro, Olivier Lamy, Pawel Niewiadomski, Piotr Mis, Raamu Gudelli, recena, Robert Gruber, Samuel Le Berrigaud, SATO Yusuke, Seiji Sogabe, Slawek Ginter, speedyleion, stephenconnolly, tangkun75, Tom Davies, xlv

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