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Privacy policy


Data collection on the website

We use Google Search Console to offer you a possibility to search documentation. This utility allows us to collect anonymous statistics of the most frequently used queries and visited pages. We use it to improve website content and layout.

Similarly, we use Apache's HTTP logs and a tool like Webalizer to collect statistics about top pages, visits, countries, web browsers used. All theses are aggregated data. We use it to optimise the website.

We do not knowingly collect any other data.

Data collection in OpenClover

Neither OpenClover Core (clover.jar) nor any of the plugins maintained by our team (Ant, Maven, Eclipse, IDEA, AspectJ, Jenkins, Hudson) collect or send to us any data.

Eclipse and IDEA plugins contain a feature to check if there are newer versions of the software available. This feature contacts openclover.org website. This is a simple HTTP call and no additional information about the system is being sent.

If you send data to us

You can contact us via email (support@openclover.org and contact@openclover.org). Emails are stored on a server hosted by H88 SA company. The company is located in Poland, EU. Emails may be forwarded to mailbox of a project member handling the correspondence, however, also a generic one like gmail.com. We keep emails for no longer than one year (typically we delete them once a case is solved). We encourage you to not send any sensitive data, do not hesitate to anonymize it.

You can create issues or comment on them in our issue tracker on github.com. These issues and comments are public for everyone. We do not delete them unless there is a significant reason to do so (e.g. spam, invalid information).

You can make code contributions. Please do treat commits and pull requests as irrevocable. Once they are integrated into main codebase, they will not be removed from commit history. This is nature of Git version control system, in which a removal of a single commit would require rewriting entire repository history. Furthermore, for legal reasons we must know who is an author of the code (copyright law). Thus please ensure that commit author and email are set correctly in commits.