The <clover-clean> task deletes the coverage database and associated coverage recording files.


Attribute Description Required

Controls whether an error (such as a failure to delete a file) stops the build or is merely reported to the screen ("true"/"false").

No; defaults to "false".

initstring The initstring of the database to clean.

No; if not specified here, Clover will use the default location (${basedir}/.clover). If you have specified an initstring on the <clover-setup> task, you must ensure that <clover-setup> is called prior to the execution of this task.


Controls whether to keep the coverage database file ("true"/"false"). If "false", the coverage database will be deleted.

No; defaults to "false".


Specifies whether the test snapshot file should be kept or deleted; defaults to true. ("true"/"false")

No; if not specified here, the last test snapshot will be stored. \(i) This is not deleted between builds (unlike the .db file and the coverage files).


Controls whether to show the name of each deleted file ("true"/"false").

No; defaults to "false".



Deletes the coverage database and all of the coverage recordings.

<clover-clean verbose="true"/>

Deletes the coverage database and all of the coverage recordings, printing out a log statement for each file deleted.

<clover-clean keepdb="true"/>

Deletes the coverage recordings but keeps the coverage database.