<format> element

Specifies the output format and various options controlling the rendering of a report.

Parameters for <format>

Attribute Description Required

The output format in which to render the report. Valid values are pdf, xml, html and json. Note that not all report formats support all other attributes.

Yes, unless refid is set.


The id of another format element that will be used for this report. See Sharing Report Formats.

id The id of this format element. No.
bw Specify that the report should be black-and-white. Supported by PDF reports only.

No; defaults to "false".


Specify how to order coverage tables. This attribute has no effect on XML format. Valid values are:
Alpha — Alpabetical.
PcCoveredAsc — Percent total coverage, ascending. PcCoveredDesc — Percent total coverage, descending. ElementsCoveredAsc — Total elements covered, ascending. ElementsCoveredDesc — Total elements covered, descending. ElementsUncoveredAsc — Total elements uncovered, ascending. ElementsUncoveredDesc — Total elements uncovered, descending.

No; defaults to PcCoveredAsc.


(HTML only) If true, insert nocache directives in HTML output.

No; defaults to "false".

srcLevel If true, include source-level coverage information in the report.

No; defaults to "true".


comma or space separated list of contexts to exclude when generating coverage reports. See Using Coverage Contexts.


(PDF only) Specify the page size to use. Valid values are A4, LETTER.

No; defaults to "A4".

showEmpty If true, classes, files and packages that do not contain any executable code (i.e. methods, statements, or branches) are included in reports. These are normally not shown.

No; defaults to "false".


(Source level reports only) The number of space chars to replace TAB characters with.

No; defaults to 4.

maxNameLength The maximum length in chars of package or classnames in the report. Longer names will be truncated. A value < 0 indicates no limit. No; defaults to no limit.
callback The name of the callback function to wrap the JSON. If set to an empty string, " ", then the JSON will not be wrapped. No; default is 'processClover'.