<movers> element

Specifies a table that shows those classes that have a coverage delta higher than a specified threshold over a specified time period. This can be specified multiple times, to track project movers over a given time frame, for example, weeks and months.

Parameters for <movers>:

Attribute Description Required

The absolute point change in percent coverage that class must have changed by for inclusion. e.g "10%".

No; defaults to 1%.

range The maximum number of classes to show. If the value is 5, then a maximum of 5 "gainers" and 5 "losers" will be shown.

No; defaults to 5.


The time interval over which the delta should be calculated (from the last history point). Uses the Interval format. The range is automatically adjusted to the closest smaller interval available.

No; the default is to take the delta of the last two history points.

Nested elements of <movers>

The <movers> element can take a single column element, allowing you to add one additional metric to the data shown in <movers>.

Example: <totalStatements>

You could add totalStatements to <movers> with the following code.


(info) No more than one additional column can be added to <movers>.