The <clover-pdf-report> task generates a PDF report with sensible default settings. If configured, a history point is also generated prior to generation of the full report. For more configuration options, use the <clover-report> task.


Attribute Description Required
outfile The filename to write the report to. Yes.

The path to the Clover database. If not specified, Clover will use the initstring set by a previous execution of <clover-setup> in the current build sequence. Otherwise, the default database location will be used.


The directory that contains any clover history points. If this attribute is set, a new history point will be generated prior to the generation of the full report. For more information, see <clover-historypoint>.

title The title to use in the report. No.


<clover-pdf-report outfile="clover_coverage.pdf"/>

This is the simplest way to generate a pdf report. It will be written to the file "clover_coverage.pdf".

<clover-pdf-report outfile="clover_coverage.pdf" historydir="clover/historypoints" title="MyProject Coverage"/>

This will generate a report in the current directory called "clover_coverage.pdf". A history point will be created in the "clover/historypoints" directory, and all history points in that directory will be used to generate the historical section of the report. The report will be titled "MyProject Coverage".