Clover-for-Ant Installation Guide

1.  Download Clover

Download Clover from

Unzip the Clover distribution into a directory. This directory will be referred to as CLOVER_HOME in this guide.

2. Install clover.jar

We strongly recommend adding clover.jar to Ant's classpath. The reason is that <clover-setup> task sets build.compiler property for Ant's <javac> task and Ant must be able to load Clover's compiler adapter class. An alternative is adding to Ant's build.xml file, but in this case you will have to use <clover-instr> task instead of <clover-setup>.

3. Import Clover tasks

In order to import Clover's tasks load the cloverlib.xml resource in your build.xml file, e.g.:

<taskdef resource="cloverlib.xml"/>
<taskdef resource="cloverlib.xml" classpath="clover.jar" /> <!-- in case clover.jar is not on Ant classpath -->

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