Grails Clover Plugin Developer Guide


  • Install Grails 2.0.4 and set $GRAILS_HOME 
    • the minimum Grails version required to run the plugin is 2.0.0 (see CloverGrailsPlugin.groovy)
    • the compilation and deployment of the plugin is done using 2.0.4 (see
  • Set JAVA_HOME to JDK 1.6+ (otherwise you'll end up with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.codehaus.gant.GantBuilder error)
  • Clone the repository:
git clone ssh://

Build and test

To build the plugin and to run unit tests type:

grails package-plugin
grails test-app


To run integration tests:

  1. Install the artefact

    grails test maven-install # it puts zip into local Maven cache ~/.m2

    (lightbulb) By default maven-install and publish-plugin targets are switching environment context to "production" and our CloverGrailsPlugin.groovy has def environment = ["test"] declared. Therefore you have to force switch of environment context by "grails test ...", otherwise a build fails.


  2. Test it against the enclosed Grails test applications located in /testcases directory.
    1. Update Clover plugin number in <grails>/testcases/<project>/grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy, e.g.:

      plugins {
          build ":clover:4.3.0"
    2. Switch to proper Grails version - set GRAILS_HOME and PATH variables according to test project's settings.

    3. Change directory to <grails>/testcases/<project_name> and run

      grails test-app -clover.on

Creating a pull request

In case you'd like to have your changes included in the official release:

  1. Fork grails-clover-plugin repository and clone the fork into your workstation. 
  2. Implement the change (also write unit or integration tests). Commit changes.
  3. Create a pull request for grails-clover-plugin project
    1. Ensure any new features / configuration options are documented in the pull request description.

Release and publish

In case you'd like to build a new release on your own:


You must be a member of the Grails Plug-in Development team:


  1. Increment the version number in <grails>/CloverGrailsPlugin.groovy and commit this, e.g. 
        def version = "4.3.0"
  2. Update <grails>/grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy and change the version of Clover Core required (if necessary), e.g.
        core.version = 'org.openclover:clover:4.3.0'
  3. Build the plugin via:
        grails package-plugin
        grails test maven-install 
  4. Test it against the enclosed Grails test applications located in /testcases directory
  5. Create a tag for new version, e.g:
        git tag grails-clover-plugin-4.3.0
    and push code changes:
        git push
  6. Push the plugin to Grails Central via:
        grails test publish-plugin --plain-output --verbose
  7. Test that the zip has been pushed to the Grails Central and exists at: and is being listed via:
        grails list-plugins
       (lightbulb)You may have to wait few minutes before it becomes visible; if not - contact
  8. Test that plugin can be installed, e.g.: 
        grails install-plugin clover 4.3.0
        (lightbulb) Make sure that  is not available locally in ~/.m2, ~/.ivy2, ~/.grails/X.Y.Z/*, ~/.grails/ivy_cache to check that it indeed downloads from Grails Central and not your cache.
  9. Update plugin's documentation on


Stable releases can be downloaded from Grails Plugins site.

Further reading

See Creating Grails plugins using Clover.