Clover-for-Eclipse Upgrade Guide

General instructions

1. Upgrade Clover-for-Eclipse version

Click "Help -> Check for updates" and select "Clover" and "Clover Ant Support" features. Follow the wizard instructions.

2. Rebuild workspace (optional)

Clover's database format may change in newer versions. In such case you'll get a build error with a message informing about database incompatibility. In such case you have to delete old database files - rebuild your workspace and answer "Yes" on a question "You are doing a rebuild, do you want to delete the old coverage data for project ... ?".

Upgrading from specific releases

Please see the Clover Release Notes.

Upgrading from Clover 3.3 to Clover 4.0

In order to upgrade from Clover 3.3 to Clover 4.0 you have to:

  • disable Clover on your projects ("Package Explorer -> context menu -> Clover -> Enable/Disable on...") - this is necessary to remove "Clover Pre-Java Builder" and "Clover Post-Java Builder",
  • uninstall previous version of Clover and next install the Clover-for-Eclipse 4.x (un-installation is necessary because Clover's features and plugins have been renamed from com.cenqua.*** to com.atlassian.***),
  • enable Clover on your projects.