'Historical' Report

'Historical' reports display graphical and numerical data relating to sets of coverage data collected over time for the project. 

Clover 4 brings new HTML report developed according to the Atlassian Design Guidelines; it's shortly named "ADG".

ADG report style (Clover 4 only)


Historical report consists of several sections:

  • Date range and Code metrics widgets
  • Coverage overview - shows coverage from the last history point
  • Added classes - classes which have been added in the specified time span
  • Changed classes - classes for which metrics have changed above specified thresholds in given time span
  • Charts - set of charts (they are customizable)


Blue application header

  • Clover logo - opens the Atlassian Clover home page
  • Linked reports - shows reports linked with the current one (optional)
  • Help icon - opens the Clover documentation home page