Clover-for-Maven Upgrade Guide

General instructions

1. Update version number of clover-maven-plugin in your pom.xml

    <version><!-- PUT CLOVER VERSION --></version>


2. Update version number of clover dependency in your pom.xml (optional)

Your pom.xml may contain a dependency to Clover Core (org.openclover:clover). Update it's version number the same version as the clover-maven-plugin:

    <version><!-- PUT CLOVER VERSION --></version>

3. Delete existing coverage databases (optional)

Clover's database format may change in newer versions. In such case you may get a build error with a message informing about database incompatibility. In such case you have to delete old database files. 

(lightbulb) By default, databases are stored in module's /target directory; thanks to this incompatible databases are removed automatically upon 'mvn clean'.

Upgrading from specific releases

Please see the Clover Release Notes.