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Developer guides

In case you would like to extend any of existing Clover plugins, please follow these guides:

Reference documentation

  • Clover API JavaDocs The Clover API allows developers to develop new hooks for Clover, to connect it into Continuous Integration servers such as Jenkins. The Clover API also provides classes to optimise tests programatically. This may be necessary if you are using a custom testing framework.
  • JSON Reference The JSON format is supported as an output type in Clover specifically to create integration opportunities with other applications. The JSON data from Clover is easy to manipulate programmatically, allowing developers to use it for displaying or processing their coverage data. 
  • Database Structure Overview of the Clover database structure, how to read and update it programatically. Also how to generate coverage recording files programatically. Lecture of this is useful if you would like to implement support for new programming languages or to generate custom reports from data collected by Clover. 

Atlassian Community

You can find hundreds of Clover-related questions (and answers) on our Q&A forum:

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