OpenClover 4.3.0 Release Notes

Due to a blocker bug present in version 4.3.0 we strongly recommend upgrading to 4.3.1 or later.
We released: Clover Runtime, Core, Ant, Eclipse, IDEA, Maven, Grails, AspectJ, Hudson and Jenkins.


Java 9 support

You can use the "Java 9" source level setting in OpenClover command line tools, Ant or Maven as well as in your Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA projects. OpenClover core can also detect use of JDK9 and apply this language level automatically, if not set. The Java grammar parser has been extended and can parse files - there is no need to exclude these files from instrumentation.

Upgrading from OpenClover 4.2.x

The <clover-env> task behaviour has been changed. It no longer adds clover.jar to the system classpath, as Java 9 is more restrictive regarding classpath manipulation. This in particular affects Ant integration and <clover-setup> task as well as automatic Ant integration in Hudson, Jenkins and Bamboo. In order to have them working correctly, you have to add clover.jar to Ant's classpath.

Clover for Ant

Simply download new Clover-for-Ant zip file and use the clover.jar from it.

Clover for Eclipse

Download new update site ZIP and install in your Eclipse.

Clover for IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA 13 is no longer supported. As announced few months ago, we had to use APIs from IDEA 14 in order to implement JDK9 support, so OpenClover will no longer run in IDEA 13. Download new plugin JAR and install in your IDEA.

Clover Maven Plugin

Bump version number to 4.3.1 for 'org.openclover:clover-maven-plugin' and 'org.openclover:clover' in your pom.xml files.

Grails Clover Plugin

Upgrade to version 4.3.1.

Bamboo Clover Plugin

In case you use automatic Clover integration in Bamboo, then you have to switch it to manual one, as Bamboo is using Atlassian Clover® instead of OpenClover. In case of a Maven task, the manual integration should define goals similar to the following (the latest version will be picked up automatically):
clean org.openclover:clover-maven-plugin:setup verify org.openclover:clover-maven-plugin:aggregate org.openclover:clover-maven-plugin:clover

Jenkins Clover Plugin

Upgrade to the latest 4.10.0 plugin version.

In this version the 'clover.fullclean' target is no longer called in a build (see CLOV-736 for details) when automatic integration is enabled. Add such target if you need this (you can find it in cloverlib.xml inside the clover.jar).

Hudson Clover Plugin

Upgrade to the latest 4.8.0 plugin version.

Gradle Clover Plugin

We have not released the OpenClover version of the Gradle plugin yet. You can find its source code here:


2018.08.03 OpenClover 4.3.0

2018.09.21 OpenClover 4.3.1

This release solves the #72 blocker bug introduced in version 4.3.0. We recommend an upgrade to 4.3.1.